About me

Achim SiegerIn 2010 I started to deal intensively with photography after i purchased my first DSLR. Once the handling was somewhat familiar, I discovered landscape photography as a hobby for me, which I now dedicate myself passionately. The great advantage is that I can connect landscape photography perfectly with my other hobby, traveling.

My ambition is to shoot selected locations in atmospheric light situations. I pay great attention to the proper exposure of my images and use various filters that allow me to extend the dynamic range of the scenes significantly. Although digital photography offers infinite possibilities of post processing I always try to create the final image to a large extent in the camera. Shooting this way I can see the results of my work already on location and save myself the time-consuming and sometimes even impossible “rescue” of poor raw data on the computer.

Landscape photography is more than just the mastery of technique and releasing the trigger. Landscapes require a lot of time for planning and preparing the shooting. Times of sunrise and sunset are to be considered as well as moon phases, tides, or even the accessibility of a particular place at a particular time. And beside all technical details such as camera type, lens or exposure settings it is ultimately the experience at the place of the subject, which exerts the charm of landscape photography.

If you would like to join this experience about the charm of landscape photography and want to improve the quality of your images through proper shooting technique, just give me a call or drop me a line.